Rhino Unleashes New Flex-Wing Product Line

February 12, 2014

Rhino® is proud to unveil an all-new Flex-Wing line of products at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The Flex-Wing offers a sleeker design with the same durability customers have come to expect from the line.

“Rhino is always looking for ways to make our products better,” said Greg Pollock, Sales and Marketing Director for Rhino’s Ag Division. “So we’re very excited about the new Flex-Wing rotary cutter line.”

Some of the new features include the patent-pending, unique cast blade pan. Engineered for outstanding strength and durability, it also provides improved reliability in connecting to the gearbox; greater access to service areas; and smooth, quiet operation. The improved gearbox design, which includes a more stable driveshaft-to-blade-carrier design, offers more torque with the same horsepower than previous models. Rhino has also added a new pivot hitch with a locking clevis for easier hookup and full 360° safety protection around driveline joints that still allow quick access for maintenance.

“We’ve really streamlined the new Flex-Wing family design,” added Randy Webb, Rhino’s Product Marketing Manager. “The smooth dome deck is easier to clean and has a larger cutting chamber. There are three deck styles to choose from: Apex (10 Ga deck), Epic (7 Ga deck), and Icon (1/4" deck).”

Contact your Rhino dealer today or call 877-408-3297 for more information on the new Flex-Wing product line. To find your local Rhino dealer, visit http://dealers.servis-rhino.com/dealers/.

Unveil Photos - NFMS 2014

Additional Information

To learn more about this new line, please download our Flex-Wing brochure.

For photos and detailed specifications, contact:
Randy Webb
Product Marketing Manager
PH: 800-221-2855 ext 2219
FX: 800-451-1653
E-Mail: rwebb@alamo-group.com