Rotary Cutters

Rhino offers a broad array of rotary cutters for all of your home and farming needs. Rhino rotary cutters can help you maintain or clear any property by shredding crops, grooming orchards, or mowing highway rights-of-way and school yards. Whatever your needs, Rhino has you covered.

Single Spindle
Single Spindle

Rhino offers a wide range of single spindle mowers to fit any situation. From the Medium Duty 100 series to keep your small estate looking great or to just keep the farm looking its best to the Super-Duty 400 series for clearing an area to build onto your dreams Rhino has you covered.


From the Medium-Duty SEA series to the Super-Duty Turbo Series Rhino has a Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters to fit your every need. Whether it’s maintaining your already established property, clearing an area to expand or shredding crops to prepare for the next season Rhino has you covered.


Backed by over 50 years of Flex-Wing Technology and expertise, Rhino Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters are designed for performance, reliability, and value. Rhino offers the greatest selection of multi-use, fully featured Flex-Wing models to choose. Regardless if you need a productivity boost in mowing grass and weeds, shredding crops, maintaining pastures, mowing highway rights-of-way, or cutting brush, there is a Rhino Flex-Wing designed to handle the job.

Flail Mowers
Flail Mowers

Rhino offers a flail mower that can handle some of the toughest jobs: From shredding crops, clipping pastures, grooming orchards or mowing the school yard we have a flail mower that will do the job!

Rhino's newest addition to our Flex-Wing Line

The feature rich 7026 Flex-Wing unit offers your choice of CV Style, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch along with an impressive offering of blade configurations.


Features and Benefits

  • Your Choice of CV, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch
  • 50 Degree Divider Box Keeps Drivelines Short and Machine more Compact Front to Back
  • Transport Locks for Center Section and Wings
  • 2-Piece Replaceable Skid Shoes on Wings
  • 10 Ga. Deck with Front Half Deck Protection Rings
  • Hydraulic Phasing Cylinders for Level Lift
  • Double Acting Wing Lift Cylnders with Mechanical Float
  • Spring Steel Bushing at all Major Pivot Points
  • Suspension for Center and Wing Frames
  • A Fixed Knife Shredding Blade Kit is Available for Enhanced Shredding of Crop Residue
  • 1 Year Limited Driveline Warranty - 3 Year Prorated Gearbox Warranty



Cutting Width 26'
Transport Width 117"
Transport Height 148"
Overall Width 321"
Overall Length 205"
Cutting Height 1" - 14"
Jack Stand HD Jack
Hitch CV, Equal Angle, Parallel Ring
Blade Carrier Pan or Bar
Blades Flat, Updraft, Shredder
Blade Overlap (Center - Wing) 6"
Blade Overlap (Inside - Outside Wing) 5"
HP Required 120
Tongue Weight 2400 lbs.
Gearbox Rating - Power Divider (Cutting Height dependent on Tire Size) 260HP
Gearbox Oil (80W-90) Factor Filled
Output Shaft Dia: 2"
Blade Tip Speed - Wing Outer/Inner 15300 FPM
Blade Tip Speed - Center 15079 FPM
Cutting Capacity (Max) 2"
Driveline Size 1000 RPM
Driveline Protection HD Slip Clutch w/80 Degree CV U-Joint, Equal Angle
Deck Thickness 10 Ga
Side Skirt 1/4"
Skid Shoes 2 Piece Replaceable
Tires & Wheels Recapped Aircraft, Light Truck Tire
Wing Lift Hydraulics 3" x 30" Hydraulic Phasing
Wing Flex (Degrees) 45 Degree up/15 Degree down
Safety Tow Chain Std
Deck Rings Std
Safety Deflectors Single Chains, Double Chains, Chain/Deflector Combo
Light Kit Std
Weight (Approx) 7900 lbs.

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